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Lemon Chicken

Lemon Chicken

Preparation time

less than 30 mins

Cooking time

less than 10 mins

Serves 1


2 tbsp olive oil

1 chicken breast

½ lemon, juice only

5 tbsp white wine

knob of butter

pinch of flour

salt and freshly ground black pepper


Heat a large frying pan and add the olive oil, fry the chicken for 5 minutes on each side, or until cooked through.

Add the lemon juice and salt and pepper. Add the white wine and reduce for 30 seconds. Coat the knob of butter in flour, and drop in the mixture to thicken.

Bring a pan of water to the boil and cook the green beans for 3-4 minutes, drain.

Put the beans on a plate, top with the chicken, drizzle over the sauce and serve.